Show Global Presence using local numbers

Establish a global presence at a very reasonable cost and make communication more efficient


Virtual Numbers

Connect to your customers using virtual Local and Toll Free Numbers

Use local numbers to show local presence in more than 125+ countries like UK USA Australia and more.

DID Numbers are available in our large inventory and can be instantly activated.

Use Toll Free numbers to increase your global presence and receive calls from anywhere in the world at no cost to your customers.

Toll free number solutions allows us to create a virtual phone system for your sales and customer service teams anywhere in the world. They can create a virtual presence, without incurring the cost and headaches of setting up physical offices and hiring new staff.

Currently Par Infinity provides Toll Free numbers for over 125+ countries as part of its coverage.

Two Way Voice or PSTN Replacement numbers offers clients the ability to make local and international calls, have access to emergency services and number portability. These Two Way Voice or PSTN Replacement number functionality offers clients true two-way voice from the cloud.

With domestic call-making capabilities as part of our cloud platform, you can now replicate the full functionality of the PSTN while enjoying the added benefits of the cloud, currently across 35 countries which are major markets.


Instantly activate and configure your Virtual Number


We are equiped to handle all kind of Trunks wheather it is peer to peer or credential based


Our monitoring systems detect and stop and suspicious activity with your account


Seamlessly Port your Virtual Number on us from any operator


Use our self service portal to efficiently manage your calls and accounts


Forward your Virtual Number to your mobile or landline